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Education & Life Skills

Knowledge & LifeLearning

                     We provide fun multisensory, project based, hands-on learning

  • Private 1-to-1 and group academic therapy & tutoring

  • Specialized curriculum based on students needs 

  • Theme based lessons (students interests)

  • Reading & Writing projects

  • Math (games, real world)

  • Science (STEM& STEAM) hands on projects

  • Real world Life skills (using the 6 traits methods, executive functioning skills )

  • Career skills (interviewing skills, resumes, networking, interns)



We believe in the 6 traits of a healthy lifestyle

Building students holistically through

fun education & life skills that are designed to improve students success 


  We offer specialized programs designed specifically for all your education needs.

  • Positively impacting our communities, education, students, and families. 

  • Providing knowledge, support and educational resources

  • Communication and decision making skills

  • Achieving positive social and emotional relationships  

  • Education & life skills events seminars and programs 

We offer Education Consultating Services 

  • Supporting Students & families

  • Preparing students for college, jobs/careers 

  • School Choice-public, private, charter, in home & online

  • Anti-bully, Teacher/Parent conferences

  • Education policies, laws, IEP's, ISP's and more..

We help empower through

Knowledge and Life Learning 

       know better, do better, to live better!









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